Yonsei Documentary Update

With the hopes of memorializing our program for future generations, the first segment of our “Yonsei Documentary” has been completed. Truly “a work in progress,” where we can add to what has been started. We will showcase our film soon!

Thank you to all those who supported our efforts with this project. In addition, we acknowledge the following who are some of the best in the Asian film industry:

Brian Hu2Brian Hu – Artistic Director Pac-Arts Movement (formerly San Diego Asian Arts Festival), PhD from UCLA, professor at USD and most recently the guest speaker at our Yonsei Gala Dinner 2013.

YangBrian Yang – Producer of “Linsanity” documentary, and actor (currently playing Charlie Fong in Hawaii 5-0)

Tadashi Nakamura – Director of the documentary Jake ShimabukuroLife on Four Strings