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Our Mission


To be an influential organization in Southern California dedicated to fostering Japanese cultural awareness, developing its youth, and actively participating in the community.



To create an “experience of a lifetime” that encompasses cultural awareness, self-development, teamwork, fundraising, community service, and basketball.  The hope is that these experiences will play an important role in the development and character in our youth.


Expose participants to Japanese cultural events, customs, and experiences

Provide opportunities for participants to develop leadership skills

Facilitate interaction, communication, and exchange of ideas through community service

Support activities that seek to raise Japanese cultural awareness

Expose participants to life-long lessons



Awareness – appreciating diversity of skills, cultures, and ideas

Harmony – working/collaborating with others; developing friendships/relationships; embracing diversity

Development – learning, strengthening, realizing potential

Volunteering – assisting others, improving society

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization: 95-4515528

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