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In 2021, we were informed by our Japan partner (Matsue Basketball Association) that they would not be able to host our Yonsei 28 program in 2022. Every year, our Yonsei program rotates host cities, and Matsue was the designated host city for 2022. The uncertainty regarding COVID-19 at that time presented too many uncertainties.


Therefore, our Yonsei Board of Directiors made the difficult decision to cancel the Yonsei 28 program and all related activities. This was a very difficult decision as we truly wanted to find a way to move forward with a program for the Yonsei 28 team, but the challenges posed by the pandemic at that time were too great to overcome.


We remain hopeful that we will soon emerge from this pandemic and on a global level can return to some form of normalcy.


Please refer to the Team Selection tab for information on our upcoming Yonsei 29 and 30 teams. 

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